Space Goals Term 4

I would like to discover how scientist know that there are other living things on other planets.

Secondly, I would like to know if there are different civilization out there, if so where and why?

Thirdly, I would like to get better at researching.


From my understanding, different civilizations created different methods of understanding space. The Mayas created the Mayan Long Count Calendar ,The Babylonians created mathematical models to do business, The Ancient Greeks created the Ptolemaic System.

Literacy Circles: Roles

Currently I am the word watcher, I as the word watcher have to find some words that don’t sound that familiar. For example, in the book Holes one of the words is burlap sack. I could simply find the definition and explain to the group, the group its self has to predict the meaning of the word before the definition is given.

BTN: sea,coral and fish

100 #8 …and I thought “well what a start”…

I was on my way to my friends house, well we just became friends a few weeks ago. After that night I was so energized …and I thought “well what a start”… I said to myself, what a start to our wonderful friendship. I was actually quite glad we became friends, well I thought. I just found out a few weeks ago that she was using me, she was using me for my things. I was quite mad yet annoyed, I was low that day.

BTN: Refugees

100 WC #7

I was at the game, the croud was roaring. People were screaming, People were chanting. But I couldnt believe my team had finally won, the croud was screaming. They were chanting on our team, I didnt care I just had the time of my life.  I had finally achieved my goal on taking my team to the champion ship, I was the happiest person alive I was crying, I was screaming, I was just happy.

BTN: Vietnam War

The 1960s is remembered for a lot of things. But one of the biggest events of the decade was actually a war in a tiny country called Vietnam. The war actually started years earlier due to how the country was run. Throughout the war almost 60,00o Australians were served, but not all volunteered. Soon after other countries decided to join the war too, Most of them were between the North and the South. Soon after China and Russia started suporting the North side with weapons. The war had been dragged on for many years but than it had to come to an end but when it did Australia had won.

100WC #6

I walked underneath the pale yet black plane, it was the size of a flamingo. I couldnt belive my eyes as I was walking, I walked passed my friend and poked her. She gave me a grin, I think she was extrodianarley angry with me. I didnt know why, she looked pale herself, I walked passed a flamingo it was unusally big. I couldnt belive where I was so i blacked out. Nothing to be heard nothing to be seen, my eyes shut as I saw something big. I finally came back ‘Where am I?’ I asked, as I got smashed to the ground.